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Restaurants Holidays Fashion Tech Toys. Save money on everyday items with our voucher codes! Expires on 27 June I'm so glad that she taught me to love. She gave me that love bug. There's nothing like it. I don't have a hate bone in my body and that's because of her, even though I have an evil brain. Everybody has bad thoughts. Mine are just amplified. So is my angel too. I'm the perfect clusterfuck. On the new album you have a track with Eminem on it.

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Talk about that collaboration. It's one of my dream collaborations that I've been trying to get for over a decade. I guess everything worked out this time with the beat being top notch, with the concept being really wonderful because it's a dedication to the late great Richie Havens' song "Freedom", which they did at Woodstock. The timing was right I think. What me and Krizz Kaliko sent to him was really dope.

For him to say 'I'll do it' and love it so much that he doesn't do the 16 bar verse that I needed, he does a 24 bar verse that he put on there and let me know he really dug it. He really wanted to spit on this song. I finally got it after all these years. The same thing with the song "Wither" with me and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. I've been a "Maggot" since A "Maggot" is a Slipknot fan. I think I'm bringing my A game. I've always brought my A game.

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I have some classic albums on the underground level to where I don't know if anybody critically acclaimed them. I don't need them to critically acclaim my albums because my fans do. You have an unique product where usually rappers who have a ton a guest appearances on their album use that as their big selling point or to cover up their own shortcomings, but however, your guest appearances whether big name artists or up and coming, they both elevate you and the album. It's like you have created a playground for those artists to go beyond what they usually do.

This is Strangeland. When I go out and get Lil Wayne, B. Everybody knows I do elite music.

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I'm really a lover of all types of different music and all my peers know this. I'm finding that out more and more every day I do music. I want everybody to come into Strangeland and do themselves and they do, and most all of them all the time bring their A-A-A game. I love that because it lets you know I'm a hard worker and people recognize it.

Never do I do music with big artists or any artists to gain their fans.

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That's never been written in blood. Just because I did a song with Wayne back in the day don't mean all of his millions of fans bought my record. No, it did not. I work with the people that I love musically. The beats speak to me and tell me to include these people. I love to work with artists. I don't need to work with anybody but I want to. On your albums, even if I'm not usually a fan of a guest you have, their verse is usually still very enjoyable. That's crazy man because I had to fight a lot of my fans because of the 2 Chainz thing.

When you speak of Technicians, these are people that love the technical style of rhyme and they don't think that about 2 Chainz, but if you're a real Tech N9Ne fan, you know that Tech N9ne always been three-dimensional: the king, the clown, and the G. There's always been songs like "Planet Rock 2K" on the party tip. If there was not that party tip, there would not be a "Caribou Lou" and would not have a gold record.

Why would I alienate that? The darkness has always been there and I think I really teased people when I did a fully dark album when my mom was dying of pancreatitis in '09, even though she survived it back then. I wrote K. They feel it through my music. That's only a dimension of me.

When it comes to the party, I'm going to always have it and 2 Chainz brings the party within the world of the Technicians. As long as they pay attention to the history of Tech N9ne and not just hone in on one thing like some of the fans do, which is cool, you can like what you want. You can like the darkness and not like the sexual music.

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You can like the gang banging music and not like the rock-n-roll music. It's always going to be confusion because I am three-dimensional. What still inspires you as an artist?

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Life, my fans, my children. I write my life. Life is happening to me everyday. Some years ago, the IRS came after me because me being young and not knowing too much about handling my business, I had to pay back a lot of money.

Strange Music Promo Codes 12222

So when the IRS takes all your money, either you're going to break down or you're going to use that pain. I've been using that pain for a while because I've been building my life back up after my mistake. It could have been jail time. They ain't playing. By the grace of God, thank the Lord that I have fans that can help me fix this problem. If I was an artist that was failing, I don't think it would have been a brighter day.

I've always been hungry, even before they took my money.